Amy Winehouse Video Heats Up

El' Jistos and Pirandaa recently took on Amy Winehouse's tune You Know I'm No Good in an emotional acoustic cover video, featuring a couple of extra verses in the form of rapping.

El' Jistos (real name Julz) hails from the mountains originally and now runs a record label Catalyst Punk from Marrickville. Pirandaa (real name Miranda) is from Argentina, and the two met on a beach in Rose Bay. Self confessed 'huge fans' of Amy Winehouse, it didn't take long for a musical connection to be made. The video was filmed by Pat Bowden from Patographics, and Sammy Benbow from Le Prime Apparel. Far from the mountains cold, it was a 30+ degree day in the city when the video was shot, and easily 10 degrees hotter with a bunch of people crammed into one room!

by: Blue Tube on