Chris Osborne on the Wild Side

Living at the foot of the Mountains in Leonay, local YouTuber and keen adventurer Chris Osborne is only ever a few steps away from his next video - and danger!

The first thing you'll notice from Chris' videos is his passion for hiking and the outdoors, he doesn't mind going where nobody else is. The second thing you'll note is that he's English and carries a good sense of humour under that bright yellow rain jacket. Let's go back to the cliffs of the UK where it all started...

"When I was very young I was at home sick from school and saw a program called Grasshopper Island where three brothers run away from home to and Island, so the next week I decided I’d pack my lunch take some dog biscuits for our dog and go for a massive walk along the beach and cliff tops in England - I think I was gone for about 9hrs! When we moved to Australia there was just so much more exotic animals to find in the national parks and we have always lived close to the Blue Mountains," explains Chris about his passion for the outdoors.

Chris has always been mad on photography, even completing an associate diploma in fine arts at Penrith TAFE. He says, "I would send photos back to England for my Dad and the rest of my family. Which later changed into making films and posting DVD’s, then this moved onto FaceBook. People kept telling me they liked my short films so I was handing out DVDs and I thought there must be a better way."

So about four years ago he started his YouTube Channel so anyone and everyone - form here to England - could see his work.

Man Vs Wild

In true 'Man Vs Wild' style, Chris often gets himself into some hairy situations while out making his adventure films. 

"I was trying to walk and post a selfie to FB recently and I almost stepped on a black snake! It was bent and ready to strike, but I was less than a metre away so they are not out to kill you, that’s for sure," says Chris.

Last month Chris was trying to film a time lapse with his new camera and could feel something watching him.

"As I turned around I could see a dog, wait a minute it was a fox and I was totally blown away. It hung around for about 15mins which was amazing even if they are a pest and kill other wildlife."


"I have been walking most weekends for the last 5 years so I definitely have hundreds or hours under my belt. I have also done a bush survival course with ASM Australian School of Mountaineering, and other wilderness survival courses and remote area first aid courses over the years."


But our local Bear Grills is always ready to shoot - not with a gun but with his many cameras. Oh, except for on the HX60v, that's his mum's now.

The Gear

"Over the last few years I have used a variety of cameras depending what activity I’m doing. They all have their pro’s and cons. It may be a surprise that most of my early films or kayak clips I use a Sony TX 20 waterproof which I got from JB HiFi for $166 and the others are filmed on a Sony Hx60v has 30x zoom - good for wildlife." 

"Editing software I use is Final Cut Pro x on the Mac and Copyright free YouTube music most of the time," he explains.

Chris stays very calm and composed in his videos, he's cool under pressure and seems at ease in the bush.

"I try and hike, kayak in all types of weather that way you get used to your gear find out what works what doesn’t. I call this weather or environment experience. In the Blue Mountains the weather can change at the drop of a hat, so take gear for all weather. This you will learn over time with experience. I also use my filming licence and storytelling abilities to change the order and colour of shots add music to make things scarier than they really are."

There is a real art to making adventure and documentary - especially short clips for YouTube, Chris grabs ideas from here and there but certainly has his own style.

"I watch more documentaries about travel and try and aim for the same quality. With a $166 camera you can only expect so much while filming on your own though. I’m trying to create my own style and identity so I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had chance to check out other peoples work just yet and I also have a limited data download so that’s the main factor," says Chris. Another victim of the NBN non-rollout.

About the Episodes

Chris says he usually goes for a walk and films whatever he sees on the day, only the location is planned, not the filming. And 95% of the time he doesn't even view the footage until he returns home to upload it to the computer.

"Each episode I take approximately 12hrs of editing, this is the most time consuming part of the project. I feel I have changed my style over the years and see mistakes in my older films but I still leave them on YouTube as they're good memories of the walks I have completed with family and friends," he says.

One thing I noticed is his sense of humour, his English boyishness, which is what hooked me onto his videos. That moment on the Mountain in the freezing snow where he enjoys a hot chocolate is heart warming.

"I’m trying to incorporate more of myself and humour into the films and less music, my family overseas seem to like this concept."

What's next for Chris?

"I’m always trying to come up with new material and ideas. Last weekend I hiked the ZigZag Railway starting at Clarence and walked through the tunnel to the viaducts, so I’ll be editing that in the next few weeks," says Chris.

"Next year I’ll be finishing the remaining 500+ km hike through Spain on the Camino de Santiago."


You can follow Chris Osborne Adventures on his many social pages, and we'll be adding some of his videos to BlueTube.

YouTube Chanel = Finished movies

Face Book Page = Photos small descriptions link to YouTube

Word Press Site = Photos more detailed descriptions of walks with maps and links to YouTube

Instagram = Photos small clips.


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