REVIEW: Hounds of Love

Ben Young's directorial debut is an intense, brooding suburban horror but strangely captivating Aussie movie that is visually arresting and wonderfully directed but not a film for everyone.

Inspired by a true story, Hounds of Love takes place in Perth, W.A. in December 1987 and in the unnamed suburban town, a middle aged couple John (Stephen Curry, The Castle. 1997) & Evelyn (Emma Booth, Swerve. 2011) stalk the town looking for young girls to kidnap, have sexual pleasures with them and hold to ransom.

High school student Vicki (Ashleigh Cummings, TV's Puberty Blues. 2012) whom is dealing with her parents recent divorce and acting out, unwilling becomes the next victim after sneaking out to a party at night against her Mother's (Susie Porter, Better Than Sex. 2000) wishes.

What follows is the drawn out, uncomfortable and gut-wrenching story that has the three main characters play off each other and the relationships with parents and their children and desires amidst brutality and psychological horrors of being help captive in more ways than one.

Stephen Curry's against type casting is disturbingly well done that his transformation is an ugly, but magnificent to which he should be applauded. Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings and Susie Porter have their time to shine in their roles and they own the audience with their biting acting, proving once again Australia produces amazing actresses.

One other detail I would like to add is the 1987 setting is immaculate, the set design and props are so detailed that memories will flood back to the minds of pre 1985.

This movie by Ben Young is commendable and confident but a word of warning, it is a bleak film and an uncomfortable watch but rewarding for the work by the whole team.


Hounds of Love (2016)
A Review by Mathew Currey



Genre: Horror/Thriller
Classification: MA 15+
Rating: 4/5


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