Shots Fired as Stretchy MC releases Catapults and Cannons

Catapults and Cannons comes from Blue Mountains own Stretchy MC's upcoming mixtape 'Stretched Too Far' and features Yuleogy.

Stretchy MC (real name Tarren Sharp) says "Catapults and Cannons is about having different perspectives and different opinions, but learning to come together and work towards a greater good and work to improve ourselves and each other".

"Everybody sees the world differently and through different circumstances and events, and each person is shaped in a unique way, but we still need to have a collective understanding and work together to better ourselves and the world for others," he says.

The video was shot by Pat Bowden from Patographics, who explains "Catapults and Cannons features videos of Stretchy and Yuleogy playing inside polaroid pictures, and is a mix of stop motion and video. The polaroids move frame by frame, and the videos inside them play normally and move around within the picture. I tried to capture a warm, nostalgic feel in the video, like what you might get from holding a polaroid."

View the new video below:

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