Zig Zag Ghost Railway 2016 Another Year Without Steam Trains & Tourist Attraction

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I can't believe it's another year and still NO ZIG ZAG RAILWAY. Last year it was snowing at Clarence station, this year it's just cold and very sad. The top station is looking more run down, seems like zero has been done at the top station and it needs a ton of work to make it look nice again. I do wonder why Zig Zag Railway don't run a coffee shop there as it's a perfect place to stop in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Clarence station is very cool, things to look at and it's a very quiet area. Sadly this amazing place is just left abandoned. Every year I get messages that the railway is just about to open, and every year I'm disappointed. Without this major tourist attraction running it leaves a huge hole in things to do while visiting the Blue Mountains. Where is the amazing Federal government with a package to get the trains running again? Anyway I better stop ranting, my video is a reality check on what the public see related to this once amazing railway. Will it ever run again. I'm thinking that day will never come. Operation of the Zig Zag Railway was suspended in 2012 for an indefinite period, following accreditation issues with the New South Wales Government. The railway was aiming to resume services in October 2013, but was then severely damaged during the 2013 NSW Bushfires. There is currently no fixed timetable for reopening but estimates given for getting an engine back on the tracks range from six to 12 months from June 2016. It is hoped to restart in 2017. If it ever restarts I will let EVERYONE know and do my best to promote the railway. That's what I'm good at, and I don't charge a fee for doing so!
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